Socket CHS 7Xi 2D-1D BT Scanner (HID, SPP, MFI)

Socket CHS 7Xi 2D-1D BT Scanner (HID, SPP, MFI)

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This product works with FileMaker out of the box.
No additional software is needed.
Only purchase SerialMagic, if you want extra programming capabilities.


Socket CHS 7Xi 2D/1D BT Scanner

The Cordless Hand Scanner (CHS) 7 will enable you to collect bar coded data without being tied to your mobile or desktop computer! This innovative device combines the power of laser bar code scanning with fuzzy logic and the convenience of Bluetooth wireless technology in a single compact, lightweight device that is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand.

The CHS7 series scanners can read off of a screen of a mobile phone.

Mobility Friendly™ Design

The CHS 7 with Bluetooth wireless technology uses minimal power, so you can operate for hours without having to recharge batteries. In addition, the CHS 7P is outfitted with rubberized grips and seals along the body and laser, making it dust, water, and drop resistant. The CHS 7P also sports a more powerful laser for use outdoors or sub-optimal conditions.

Bluetooth wireless technology transforms how devices connect with each other, offering you new possibilities for using your mobile computer with other devices without the hassle of cables or the awkwardness of a protruding antenna. Socket’s CHS 7P features a powerful Class 1 Bluetooth radio, so you can stay connected to your laptop or desktop at the maximum possible range — even when connected to the weaker Class 2 Bluetooth radios found in many mobile devices. For maximum range a Class 1 Bluetooth radio is required on the host computer.

Barcode scanning is the most efficient way to enter data into a computer. If the data to be entered is bar coded, using a laser scanner is 50 times faster and 10,000 times more accurate than manual data entry. The CRS 7 complies with the UCC 2005 Sunrise Date mandate.

Solution for Repetitive Stress Injuries

Use barcode scanning for mobile workforce to reduce PDA injuries. Thumb RSI (Repetitive Stress Injuries) are well known for heavy and frequent computer keyboard users. This issue extends now to mobile devices, especially since most times the thumbs are used to input ALL data on the device (unlike keyboards where the keys occur across all of the fingers). Barcode scanning allows input of many digits with a single button push (or no button push at all when using hands-free scanning). This means using a barcode scanner makes it possible to significantly reduce personal injuries related to data entry, especially for mobile applications.

The Socket CHS 7Xi (CHS7Xi) Bluetooth 2D barcode scanner provides an excellent quality scan engine that scans virtually all major symbologies. 

The CHS 7Xi 2D and 1D mobile scanner, works with iOS 4 devices (iPad, iPhone 4, etc), PDAs, mobile phones, and with desktop computers and servers. The scanner is ideal for a wide range of data collection applications. Inventory, field service, asset tracking, time & attendance, healthcare, and even POS are all possible with this scanner. 

The CHS 7Xi has a class 1 Bluetooth radio for operation up to 100 Meters (300 feet) from the host computer. Note: The host computer must also have a class 1 Bluetooth radio. 

The CHS 7Xi provides Bluetooth HID scanning that works with iPad, and iPhone, iPod (with iOS4), as well as OS X, Windows 7, Vista, and other devices providing Bluetooth HID support. 
Note: The CHS 7Xi is an Apple certified product. 

The CHS 7Xi also supports Bluetooth SPP so the scanner bundled with SerialMagic can also work with Android, BlackBerry, Symbian S60, Linux, Palm OS, J2ME and more. 

NOTE: This product normally ships one business day after order. 

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DO NOT download firmware from the manufacturer's website and upgrade it on your own! If you think you need an upgrade, send a support ticket to with the serial number of the device.