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SerialMagic Professional

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For a limited time you can get SerialMagic for Mac OS X or Windows bundled with the Scanfob Scanner. If you add both to your cart, the discount will be applied automatically.

SerialMagic allows the user to create programming sequences, such as starting up a specific app on scan.

SerialMagic is a cross-platform, lightning fast, feature-rich program that allows data entry from nearly any Bluetooth device that sends data over Bluetooth Spp (Serial port profile)

SerialMagic provides powerful control of this serial data, and allows the data to be used with programs that have no knowledge that SerialMagic is running. SerialMagic works with virtually all web and browser technologies, including XML, SOAP, ASP, JavaScript, PHP, CGI, Python, Java, and .NET.

One of the most popular uses of SerialMagic is to provide a ‘serial port wedge’ or ‘serial data wedge’ for serial devices such as barcode scanners and scales. SerialMagic puts the bar code data from the scanner directly into the selected data field at lightning speed.

Supported Scanners

Give your solution freedom for use many different scanners, don’t get locked in to ‘free’ software included with scanners.
SerialMagic runs on over 500 mobile device models: phones, tablets, PDAs, and Mobile Internet Devices (MID)

Supports Scanfob 2005 Bluetooth scanners
Supports LaserChamp (aka Microvision ROV, and Flic) Bluetooth scanners
Supports Intermec SF51 and other Intermec Bluetooth scanners
Supports Honeywell (Metrologic) Bluetooth barcode scanners
Supports Opticon Bluetooth scanners
Supports Motorola (Symbol) Bluetooth scanners
Supports Socket CHS7 & CRS9 series Bluetooth scanners (CHS 7E, CHS 7M, CHS 7P, CRS 9M, CRS 9P)
Supports Koamtac KDC200, KDC250, KDC300 Bluetooth scanners
Supports Restock SS BT-M2 Bluetooth scanner
Supports WASP WWS800 Bluetooth scanner
Supports many other model Bluetooth scanners (ask us)