Scanfob 3002i Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Scanfob 3002i Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

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This product works with FileMaker out of the box. No additional software is needed.

The scanner you buy from us has a license embedded for Serial Magic. No additional payment needed. You can download it from here for Windows and for Mac. For download to any other device or older OS versions, click here. No need to put in a key, or generate a key from a token.
Note: Buying a Barcode Scanner from a retailer other than may require purchasing a software license.

Very Small – Very Wireless – Very Easy-To-Use

Scanfob 3002i small, fast and easy to use. You can scan right into a field or collect scans into memory (up to 20,000 scans). The Scanfob can easily fit comfortably in a shirt pocket, and in the palm of your hand. Scanfob 3002i is recharged via standard USB port with the supplied cable.

Scanfob 3002i scanner works with FileMaker Pro/Advanced and FileMaker Go on iOS devices without any additional software or plug-ins. It's plug and play. It also allows you to scan into web forms.

Learn more about how FileMaker Go and Bluetooth wireless barcode scanning can ease your data entry. 
Click here if you need help with programming FileMaker or FileMaker Go.

Scanfob 3002i has modified firmware to allow for the keyboard to be used on iOS devices. Use the small button to pop the native keyboard up. Other OPN scanners do not offer the same features.

Scanfob 3002i wireless Bluetooth barcode scanner can be used in Bluetooth SPP mode with SerialMagic to extend your scanner's capabilities. For example, on a Mac, you can program keys to use to start scanning.  


DO NOT download firmware from the manufacturer's website and upgrade it on your own! If you think you need an upgrade, send a support ticket to with the serial number of the device.